INTERVIEW: Kim Myung Soo And Kwon Nara Talk About Their Chemistry In “Royal Secret Agent”

“Royal Secret Agent” is coming to an end this week, the series stars Kim Myung Soo as Sung Yi Gyeom, a delinquent gambler who now works as a secret inspector as a form of punishment, and Kwon Nara as Hong Da In, a mysterious courtesan.

In an interview via iQIYI, lead stars Kim Myung Soo and Kwon Nara talked about their chemistry in the series.

Kim Myung Soo said, “We have great chemistry, and we’re so close. I think [our] bright and cheerful looks is a charm.” Kwon Nara then added, “Since I work with my age actors, our chemistry matches well, and we usually talk a lot. The more we talked, the better our acting chemistry was. Actor Kim Myung Soo seems to be showing a variety of faces, from Yi Gyeom’s sly appearance to a tough figure that can feel the dignity of the royal secret agents.”

Additionally, the said chemistry is not only limited to the two leads, but also with the rest of the main cast, particularly with Lee Yi Kyung (portraying Park Chun Sam) and Lee Tae Hwan (who plays Sung Yi Beom). Kim Myung Soo explained, “If there’s an NG (an outtake or blooper), it’s funny, because we know each other so well that we get it.”

“Royal Secret Agent” is available via iQIYI, and is set to air its last episode this February 9.

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