“The Penthouse” Actor Kim Young Dae Is The Sixth “Extraordinary You” Star To Have A Cameo Appearance In “True Beauty”

The Penthouse” actor Kim Young Dae will have a cameo appearance in “True Beauty.” This makes him the sixth “Extraordinary You” star to appear in the series.

The first one was Lee Tae Ri (who played the Dried Squid Fairy in “Extraordinary You”) as Wang Hyunbin, followed by Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon as their “Extraordinary You” characters Baek Kyung and Eun Dan O.

Then, Jung Gun Joo (who portrayed Lee Do Hwa in “Extraordinary You”) played baseball athlete Ryu Hyung Jin, and, most recently Jung Ye Nok (who played Kim Il Jin in “Extraordinary You”) had a brief appearance as one of the bully girls in Lim Jugyeong’s (portrayed by Moon Ga Young) dream.

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