Here’s The Facial Cleansing Device That Lim Jugeyong Used In “True Beauty”

Lim Jugyeong (portrayed by Moon Ga Young) won a facial cleansing device — one that she really wanted to get — during an event featuring her favorite makeup artist, Selena. The said product is called the Bubble Pop Cleanser – Auto Bubble Facial Cleansing Machine by the home professional skincare solution brand VANAV.

The device has two types of brushes. First is the Core Brush, placed at the center of the machine and is in-charge of deeply cleaning the skin. The second one is the Spin Brush which helps generate bubbles with its ultra-thin and soft bristles. The said product helps unclog pores, remove makeup residue and dead skin cells, and also tightens and improves skin tone.

VANAV’s Bubble Pop Cleanser – Auto Bubble Facial Cleansing Machine is priced at 150 USD (or around 7,203.75 PHP). Additionally, actress Son Ye Jin is also one of the endorsers for VANAV, and was seen using their products in “Crash Landing On You.”

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