The Soda Hwang In Yeop (As Han Seojun) Was Drinking In “True Beauty” Is Available In Local Korean Grocery Stores

In the episode where Han Seojun (portrayed by Hwang In Yeop) caught Lim Jugyeong (portrayed by Moon Ga Young) and Lee Suho (portrayed by Cha Eun Woo) talking about their relationship status and overhearing that they’re already dating, he was also seen drinking a canned drink.

The brand is from Lotte and is called Demi Soda, a carbonated drink with a fruity flavor. Demi Soda has five flavors: Apple, Lemon, Peach, Grape, and Orange. Han Seojun, in particular, was seen drinking the lemon variant — which seems to be closely related to his character in “True Beauty,” as he once gave Jugyeong a lemon flavored drink, too. 🍋🍹

Demi Soda is actually available in local Korean grocery stores, online shops, and e-commerce sites for only 30-50 pesos.

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