Lee Suho’s Confession Necklace For Lim Jugyeong In “True Beauty” Is Priced At Around 10,000 PHP

Remember the swan necklace from episode 8? The one that Lee Suho (portrayed by Cha Eun Woo) bought to confess to Lim Jugyeong (portrayed by Moon Ga Young)? That necklace is from the brand SWAROVSKI, and is priced at 10,500.00 PHP via Rustan’s.

The jewelry is from SWAROVSKI’s Dazzling Swan collection, and is rose-gold tone plated with a “millennial pink crystal” as its key point. Lee Suho, a high school student, has such high-class taste!

UPDATE: In episode 9, Lee Suho finally gave the necklace to Lim Jugyeong. *spoiler warning* However, Kang Sujin (portrayed by Park Yoona) caught Jugyeong wearing the necklace. Will this put a strain in their friendship? (Hopefully not!)

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