Viu Launches Its First Virtual Trade Event In The Philippines

Viu, a leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service operated by Viu International Limited, held its first trade event that showcased their growth fueled by increased appetite for premium Asian content and improved services through their partners. The virtual event included talks from scholars and industry experts who provided insights on the digital content consumption behaviors of Filipinos today.

Filipinos are watching online

As Internet penetration increases, streaming platforms like Viu have become more accessible. During the trade event – Gavin Buxton, Managing Director at SpotX for Asia, shared their study with Milieu which showed that at least 72% of Filipinos regularly watch on OTT with increased viewership by at least 1-2 hours.

With the growth of online streaming comes the rise in popularity of Asian content. Another established speaker from the event, Dr. Erik Capistrano, Professor from the University of the Philippines, spoke about the elements that make Filipinos love Korean dramas. He pointed out that Korean dramas offer content that is new, disruptive, and fresh. He further adds how forward-looking productions with big-budgeted stories transcend platforms and genres, and that the unceasing content creation form part of a very robust ecosystem. These elements contribute to stimulated fan behavior that encourages them to support not only their favorite shows, but the artists who play their beloved characters.

Viu offers premium Asian content

As a leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service, Viu prides itself with understanding its users hence acquiring premium Asian content they’ll love,  including over 10,000 hours of entertainment from Korea’s Big 5 TV stations. Aside from content acquisition, Viu also produces their own slate of Viu Originals. These are stories that truly capture what Viu stands for, highlighting amazing Asian talent. Virginia Lim, Viu’s Chief Content Officer, spoke about their three outstanding and award-winning Viu Originals in 2020:

  1. Pretty Little Liars, the Asian take of the Hollywood mystery thriller
  2. My Bubble Tea, a Thai romantic comedy featuring top KPop idol Nichkhun  and Thai superstar Mean Phiravich
  3. The Bridge 2, the second season of one of Viu’s most successful shows – a crime drama that highlights cultures and talents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines

In line with this, Viu announced its 2021 plans for the Philippines, starting with its very own Viu Dub, that started with Korean shows “When the Weather is Fine” and “Emergency Couple” last November, and expected to launch “The Beauty Inside” and “Another Miss Oh” in December 2020. They also teased Viu Original production for two shows next year, namely “Blood Ink” and “Still.”

Viu is backed by strong partnerships

The last speaker at the event was Miriam Choa, FVP and Head of Smart Prepaid Marketing, who talked about why it was so important to launch Smart K-Giga in the Philippines. Finding a big market for Korean content in the Philippines, Smart found the need to act on this passion point and integrate this in their product offering. Hence, the launch of Smart Giga K-video with top star Park Seo Joon as the face of the campaign.

And as expected, Filipinos loved it. Just a week after its launch with Park Seo Joon, Smart and Viu have become top of mind for consumers. Ad scores are above benchmarks, and top message takeaway is related to watching K-dramas. Many have also expressed that they liked the ad – primarily because of Park Seo Joon’s participation, as well as the promo inclusions like the Viu Premium subscription. The market’s interests and passion points for good content greatly contribute to business success, the Smart K-Giga campaign is a testament to that.

“Fans, along with our premium Asian content, is what sets us apart from our competitors.” This statement from Arianne Kader-Cu, Country Manager of Viu in the Philippines, could not be any more true. It is the content that the fans love, and consequently what pushes continued support for the streamer. Because of this, success not only applies to Viu alone, but also to brands that continue to believe that partnership with Viu would lead to better results. Next year is looking to be a bigger and better year for Viu and its growing user base of smart and highly engaged digital content consumers in the Philippines.

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