Meet Jeon Jong Seo, Young Sook from the thriller film “The Call”

Jeon Jong Seo starred in the film “The Call” with Park Shin Hye, where her character, Young Sook, left a deep impression with the movie’s viewers; thanks to her superb acting skills.

Here are some 8 things you might want to know about the actress.

1.) She was born on July 5, 1994, and is currently 26 years.

2.) Her debut was in the 2018 film “Burning” as the female lead character Hae Mi. She starred alongside “Chicago Typewriter” actor Yoo Ah In and “The Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun. The actress got the role via her first audition. In an interview with Close Up Culture, she talked about working with the two: “Since they showed patience and led me at times, I felt always felt comfortable with them. Meeting and working with these two has to be the best memory of my acting career so far. I now miss them so much!”

3.) Her upcoming 2021 Korean movie is titled “Woo-Ri, Ja-Young,” where she will portray the role of Ja-Young.

4.) She moved to Canada at a young age, and eventually studied there until her middle school years. Hence, the reason why she can speak in English.

5.) She will debut in her first American film, “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon” with Kate Hudson and Craig Robinson, as the character Lunatic. The movie is a fantasy-adventure written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. Zac Efron was once reported to be joining the film, but was replaced by “Game Of Thrones” actor Ed Skrein.

6.) She eventually returned to Korean during her teenage years. Jeon Jong Seo graduated from Anyang Arts High School, and then attended Sejong University as a film major. She, however, had to drop out to focus on her career as an actress.

7.) She was nominated in various awards shows for “Burning” as the Best New Actress via the 27th Buil Film Awards, 55th Grand Bell Awards, 2nd The Seoul Awards, 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards, 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, among others; and won the Best New Performer Award at the Asian Film Critics Association Awards.

8.) In an interview with Close Up Culture, she talked about what made her fall in love with films. She said, “There was a time when I watched the movies just because I loved them. Then, at some point, I found myself escaping into movies. I began to rely on them and the characters living in the film were actually giving me answers to my own unresolved riddles and questions in my life. As a result, I fell in love with movies, like you would a close friend.”

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