Filming Location: Seo Dal Mi’s Halmoni First Corn Dog Place

In the Korean drama “Start-up,” aside from being halmoni Choi Won Deok’s (portrayed by Kim Hae Sook) first corn dog “branch,” this place is also where Seo Dal Mi (portrayed by Heo Jung Eun then Bae Suzy) and Han Ji Pyeong (portrayed by Nam Da Reum then Kim Seon Ho) started exchanging letters.

Halmoni’s corn dog joint is actually filmed at a Korean barbeque restaurant called Hapjeong-don located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. It’s said to be run by a mother-and-son tandem, which is fits halmoni’s “Start-up” story as she’s a good mother to her son Seo Chung Myung (Kim Joo Hun), raised Seo Dal Mi on her own, became a mother figure to Han Ji Pyeong and even gave him shelter at the same place, and is still a mother-in-law who will fight for her ex-daughter-in-law Cha Ah Hyun (Song Seon Mi).

Additionally, the place is said to specialize in Korean beef and pork, and even serves a special sauce for its diners. Would you visit this place one day?

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