Four Of Bae Suzy’s (As Seo Dal Mi) Bags In Start-Up That Are Over 100,000 Pesos

Did you know that some of Bae Suzy’s bags in “Start-up” actually costs around 100,000 pesos? Here are some of the bags she was spotted using throughout the series as her character, Seo Dal Mi.

1.) Seo Dal Mi’s Party Bag: Medium Lady Dior Bag (priced at 236,035.45 PHP)
The bag she wore during Won In Jae’s networking party when she first met Nam Do San was from DIOR’s Lady Bag collection. It is said to be made from “lambskin” with Dior’s iconic “Cannage stitching.” The Medium Lady Dior Bag is price at 4,900 US dollars, or around 236,035.45 pesos.

2.) The Bag Seo Dal Mi wore when she met her mother: Bottega Veneta BV Classic Leather Shoulder Bag (priced at 100,882.27 PHP)
Seo Dal Mi brought a Bottega Veneta bag during the scene where she pretended to bump into her mother at a hotel so she can tell her that she got in Sandbox’s residency program. The Bottega Veneta bag was “crafted in Italy” and is “characterized by a spherical gold-tone metal push-clasp fastener and grooved hardware, with a neat collection of compartments inside for small essentials.”

3.) Seo Dal Mi’s bag when attended an event in Sandbox: LANVIN Earth Colored Hook Bag (priced at 107,099.26 pesos)
Seo Dal Mi wore a LANVIN hook bag when she was first seen in Sandbox’s location for the company’s relay lecture and when Han Ji Pyeong (portrayed byKim Seon Ho) also saw her by the bus stop. The said bag is asymmetric with an adjustable carry handle. It also has a “detachable zippered pouch with post-stud fastening at interior.”

4.) Seo Dal Mi’s bag during her Morning Group meeting: Delvaux’s So Cool MM Jumping Calf Souple Végétal (priced at 137,857.28 pesos)
Seo Dal Mi was carrying this bag when she and Nam Do San (portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk) had a meeting at Morning Group. This was also the bag she wore before the *spoiler warning* rooftop kiss scene. The bag is said to be “handmade in Delvaux’s ateliers in Belgium and France.” and is the “perfect leather holdall for both business and pleasure.”

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  1. I don’t get it why they would let her use designer handbags on the show. Isn’t her role supposedly a middle class citizen. She’s not rich compared to In Jae.

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