There’s Actually An App For The Visually Impaired Just Like The One In “Start-up”

Seo Dal Mi’s (portrayed by Bae Suzy) grandmother, Choi Won Deok (portrayed by Kim Hae Sook), had an unexpected plot twist in the series. During the past few episodes, it was revealed that *spoiler warning* halmoni actually had low vision and is in danger to become blind. Still, the series seems to have been set to build apps that could somehow help her situation.

One of these is from Angel Eyes, one of the start-ups that presented in Sandbox’s Hackaton and eventually got in Sandbox’s program. Their CEO introduced a service which aims to “connect the visually impaired with volunteers” to be provided with “real-time support.”

This app actually exists in real life, and it’s called Be My Eyes. As per their website, “Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call.” It works in a very similar way with Angel Eyes’ concept.

Aside from Angel Eyes, Nam Do San (portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk) also invented *spoiler warning* a high-tech app called NoonGil with Samsan Tech. This app provides more advance service without requiring a two-way human-to-human communication. NoonGil can detect people, objects, words and numbers, and just about anything captured on the user’s phone’s camera. The app is also paired with Yeongshil‘s technology, as Yeongshil provides voice commands to guide the visually impaired throughout their daily tasks.

Unfortunately, it seems like an app like NoonGil is not yet in the market. But it would be great if someone can invent such advanced technology like this to help those in need of visual assistance.

P.S. If you’re interested in using or volunteering for the Be My Eyes community, you can download the app here. Or click here for more information.

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