The Scrunchie Bae Suzy (As Seo Dal Mi) Wore In “Start-up” Is Priced At Almost 1,000 Pesos

Remember the scrunchie Seo Dal Mi (portrayed by Bae Suzy) wore in “Start-up” episode 8? The one she uses to tie her hair when she’s about to get serious? The same scrunchie that Han Ji Pyeong (portrayed by Kim Seon Ho) found and gave to Nam Do San (portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk)? That scrunchie is actually worth 23,000 won (or around 995.09 pesos).

The accessory is called Stripe Scrunchie from the brand PRIMAUTÉ, which is a French word for “excellence,” hence, showcasing their products’ superior quality. This particular product is available in five colors — white (as seen in the series”), red, sky blue, gray, and navy. It’s hand-made with fabric as its material, and is around 12cm with a weight of 10g.

Usual scrunchies are worth around 7 pesos (from online stores and markets) and are mostly less than 100 pesos (from department stores). Now it makes sense why she looks so worried when she lost it!

Here’s where you buy it: click!

For cheap scrunchies, you can try browsing at Lazada 11.11’s sale.

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