LOOK: “City Couple’s Way Of Love” Script Reading Photos With Leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won

Kakao TV released script reading photos of the cast members from their upcoming series “City Couple’s Way Of Love.” The series stars “Backstreet Rookie” actor Ji Chang Wook, “Fight For My Way” actress Kim Ji Won, “Because This Is My First Life” actor Kim Min Seok, “Itaewon Class” Ryoo Kyung Soo, and “Dr. Romantic 2” So Ju Yeon.

Ji Chang Wook is set to portray an architect named Park Jae Won who fell in love with a woman named Lee Eun O (portrayed by Kim Ji Won) during his trip. Lee Eun O is a bit reserved, but pretended to be free spirited when she met Park Jae Won.

“City Couple’s Way Of Love” is set to premiere in December 2020.

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