Nam Da Reum And 10 Of His Memorable Younger Counterpart Roles

Nam Da Reum is once again gaining attention after appearing as the teenage version of Kim Seon Ho’s character, Han Ji Pyeong, in “Start-up.” Nam Da Reum actually started as child actor at the age of 7, and is known to have portrayed the younger counterparts of several well-known Korean drama actors. (He nailed every role!)

Here are 10 of his most memorable roles as the child and teenage version of the main lead and second lead through the years:

1.) Kim Seon Ho’s counterpart as the teenage Han Ji Pyeong in “Start-up” (2020)

2.) DEBUT DRAMA: Kim Hyun Joong’s counterpart as the child Yoon Ji Ho in “Boys Over Flowers” (2009)

3.) Lee Jong Suk’s counterpart as the child Choi Dal Po in “Pinocchio” (2014-2015)

4.) Lee Jong Suk’s counterpart as the child Ki Ha Myung in “Pinocchio” (2014-2015)

5.) Lee Jong Suk’s counterpart as the young Jung Jae Chan in “While You Were Sleeping” (2017)

6.) Im Siwan’s counterpart as the teenage Wang Won in “The King In Love” (2017)

7.) Yoon Do Joon’s counterpart as the young Ji Soo Ho in “Radio Romance” (2018)

8.) Jang Ki Young’s counterpart as the young Chae Do Jin in “Come and Hug Me” (2017)

9.)  Lee Je Hoon’s counterpart as the young Lee Soo Yeon in “Where Stars Land” (2018)

10.) Yoo Ah In’s counter part as the young Lee Bang Won / Prince Lee Do in “Six Flying Dragons” (also known as “The Roots Of The Throne”) (2015-2016)

Who else is waiting for his first leading man role? (P.S. He just turned 18 years old this year, so we might see him portray the actual main lead soon!)

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