12 Things You Might Want To Know About “18 Again” Actor Lee Do Hyun

Here are 12 things you might want to know about “18 Again” and “Hotel del Luna” actor Lee Do Hyun, one of 2020’s rising stars.

1.) He was born on April 11, 1995. He just turned 25 years old this year.

2.) His past Korean dramas include portraying roles in “Prison Playbook,” “Still 17,” “Clean With Passion For Now,” and “Hotel del Luna.”

3.) He once said in an interview with Esquire Korea Magazine that he saved IU’s number on his phone as Man Wol, IU’s character name in “Hotel del Luna.” 🦋

4.) Aside from JTBC’s “18 Again,” Lee Do Hyun will also star in “Sweet Home” with Song Kang via Netflix.

5.) In an interview with Nylon Korea, he stated that in real life he is more playful, unlike his character Chungmyeong in “Hotel del Luna.” This can be seen in his guesting at “Running Man,” where viewers were able to see his more comedic side.

6.) He once said via Esquire Korea that his dream this 2020 is to be the only one working in his family. He shared that his brother has a disability, and that their family is in debt. He hopes to be able to pay their debt and also be able to support his whole family. This way, he will be at peace when he finally enlists for his mandatory military service in the future.

7.) Lee Do Hyun actually broke up with his girlfriend in order to portray his past character’s emotions better. He explained through Esquire Korea, “The character I was playing was someone who lost the girl they love. So, I told my girlfriend we should break up, so I could play the role [better]. I really don’t know why I did that.” He then added, “I was about 21 or 22. Of course, my girlfriend didn’t understand. She asked me if I was crazy. But, at the time, acting came first for me. However, after experiencing things like that, I think I’ve grown a lot,” showing that he matured after learning from his past.

8.) Just like his role in “18 Again” (as Hong Dae Young and Go Woo Young), Lee Do Hyun is also a basketball player in real life. He shared through W Korea, as translated by Soompi, “I was a point guard. If my father hadn’t been against it, I think I would have continued in sports.”

9.) In the same interview, Lee Do Hyun explained that he became an actor because he wasn’t interested in studying. Due to this, he enrolled in an acting academy.

He talked about his experience in the academy, “I didn’t feel intimidated, I was conceited. [I thought] “I’m good-looking and good at acting.”” However, he learned to become more humble after failing several audition exams. He eventually got in the drama department of Chung-Ang University.

10.) Lee Do Hyun looks up to “Mr. Sunshine” actor Lee Byung Hun, and also spent a lot of time watching the 2006 film “Sunflower” starring “Doctor Crush” actor Kim Rae Won.

11.) In the same interview with W Korea, he shared a story about his younger brother. He said, “It’s not major, but he has a bit of an intellectual disability. I think at one point, because I was young, I felt embarrassed about him, but one day when I was in middle school, he came home after being bullied. I went out and scolded the kids who’d bullied him. After that, even if it wasn’t over a bullying issue, I took care of him a bit more.”

12.) Lastly, Lee Do Hyun hopes to do more romantic comedy series until he enlists for his mandatory military service.

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