Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho Talk About Their “Bromance” In Start-up

During the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama, “Start-up,” Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho were asked about their “bromance” in the series.

Nam Joo Hyuk answered, “Seon Ho 형 must have had a difficult time… because… how should I put it…” He paused then gushed, “Do San is not normal.”

Kim Seon Ho then replied how it was like to act with his co-star, “Joo Hyuk is sincere about everything. When he acts, it looks real. [So,] I just follow him, [because of that] we had fun [filming].” He then added, “Trust is important to have chemistry [as actors].” Seon Ho also confirmed that Nam Joo Hyuk’s real-life personality is very similar to the character he’s portraying. He said, “He’s Do San himself. I just watch him blankly sometimes.”

Nam Joo Hyuk will be portraying the nerdy Nam Do San, while Kim Seon Ho is the wealthy Han Ji Pyeong. The latter also talked about his role, “The character is young and rich, and I got an expensive watch and neat hair [because of that].” He then explained his similarities and differences to his character. He said, “Jipeong is kind and sweet, I think that’s the similar part. [The] difference is Jipeong is very straightforward.”

“Start-up” is a story about the hopeful youth who are starting their own business. Seon Ho talked about what he likes about the drama, “I felt really comfortable reading the script. All the lines were beautiful. The ending part always makes me curious of the next episode. It’s sweet, warm, and fun.”

The series also stars Bae Suzy and Kang Hanna, and premieres on October 17 via tvN and Netflix.

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