9 Things To Look Forward To When You Watch BLACKPINK’s “Light Up The Sky” Documentary On Netflix

The premiere of “Light Up The Sky,” a documentary about one of this generation’s top Korean girl groups, BLACKPINK, will premiere today!

Here are some of the things to look forward to when you watch the documentary.

1.) Their audition clips

The girls got to see their own and each other’s audition clips for the first time, and BLINKS will also get to see the girls’ reactions when they watch the clips!

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2.) Footage from their trainee years

Fans will get to see what made BLACKPINK the BLACKPINK we all know and love today as they show footage from when they were trainees. The girls said during their fan event, “Not a lot of footage from our trainee days have been released, so that’s something to look forward to.”

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RosĂŠ reminisce about their trainee years, “We grew up together from we were very young. Although a lot has changed since our debut, when we work together, it kind of feels the same. A lot of what we had back then is still within us today.”

Jennie also mentioned an advice she would give to her young self. She said, “I would like to say: “Enjoy the moment. Do well and keep going, because you’re going to be in BLACKPINK.””

3.) Little BLACKPINK

Not only will viewers see the girls during their teenage years, BLACKPINK will also show some of their photos from their childhood.

Who else is excited to see adorable photos of Jennie, Jisoo, RosĂŠ, and Lisa?

4.) The girls’ everyday life

The four hardly appear in variety shows, so the documentary is another chance to see the girls showing their most natural selves.

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Lisa also commented how she was a bit conscious of the cameras at first, but Director Caroline Suh was able to create a more “relaxed ambiance on set.” She added, “I think we became more comfortable and relaxed, [and that] brought out our true selves.”

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5.) Jennie and Jisoo’s Tanghulu recipe

Jennie confirmed that they’ll be sharing their own Tanghulu recipe in the documentary. Tanghulu is a candied fruit snack made of hard sugar syrup.

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In the teaser video for their documentary, Jennie and Jisoo were seen eating their homemade snack. Jennie commented, “Not bad,” then Jisoo added, “Not bad, but not good.” (Perfect comedic timing from our Chisu!)

6.) Preparation process of their solo tours

Fans will get to see the effort the girls give for their solo concerts.

Jennie said, “We wanted to show all the hard work manifested in the glamorous stage of BLACKPINK while also sharing the authenticity that we haven’t shown before.”

7.) The making of “Sour Candy”

Fans will get to see the girls react to their collaboration with Lady Gaga, “Sour Candy!” And also the production and “making” of the song.

8.) BTS clips from their Coachella guesting

BLACKPINK is the first K-pop girl group that performed in Coachella. The fans will finally see what happened before, during, and after their performance in 2019.


BLINKS will be able to see BLACKPINK in a new light and get to know the group in a deeper level, as the girls showcase their raw emotions in the documentary. They will also be talking in a language they are most comfortable with during the interviews — Rosé in English, Lisa in Thai, and so on — to better express themselves.

The girls also talked about their journey, and their future goals. In conclusion, Jisoo commented, “In ten years, hopefully, we will still be BLACKPINK.”

BLACKPINK’s “Light Up The Sky” documentary premieres via Netflix today, October 14, at 4PM KST. Stream the world premiere of Netflix’s “BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY, best enjoyed through Globe.

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