Suzy Describes “Start-up” Co-star Nam Joo Hyuk As “Innocent And Pretty”

In the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama, “Start-up,” Suzy revealed that she already worked with the director and writer of the series.

Her debut drama, “Dream High,” was also written by screenwriter Park Hye Ryun. While her 2017 series with Lee Jong Suk, “While You Were Sleeping,” was written by the same writer and directed by “Start-up” director Oh Choong Wan.

During the interview, she also talked about what made her decide to work with the tandem again. She said, “I was interested in the [drama’s] unique [aspect]. It was interesting.” Suzy then explained the drama’s theme, “It’s a drama that supports young people who are sometimes not perfect and are still learning. That’s why I wanted to be in the drama.”

She also shared how she prepared for the role, “I studied that script a lot to act differently, I have different relationships [with different people.] I thought from [my character’s perspective] perspective.

Suzy will be portraying the character named Seo Dal Mi. Her first love, Nam Do San, is portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk. When asked about what he thinks of the actor, Suzy replied that Nam Joo Hyuk is very similar to Nam Do San. The actress explained, Do San is a very innocent character. He didn’t do anything particular (to become like his character.) He was just like Dosan: innocent and pretty.”

“Start-up” also stars Kim Seon Ho and Kang Hanna, and is set to premiere on October 17 via tvN and Netflix.

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