Jisoo In Talks For The Male Lead Role In The Drama “River Where The Moon Rises,” Alongside “Page Turner” Co-star Kim So Hyun and “Scarlet Heart” Co-Star Kang Ha Neul

Jisoo in talks for the male lead role of the drama “River Where The Moon Rises,” alongside Kim So Hyun. The two already worked together in the drama “Page Turner” back in 2016.

“River Where the Moon Rises” is a historical drama based on the love story from a well-known tale, “Princess Pyeonggang and the Fool Ondal.”

Aside from Kim So Hyun, actor Kang Ha Neul is also confirmed to portray the father of the actress. Kang Ha Neul was originally offered the role of the male lead, but had to decline due to schedule conflict. While Jisoo and Kim So Hyun worked together in “Page Turner,” Kang Ha Neul and Jisoo also starred together in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

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