Nam Joo Hyuk Reveals That His Character In “Start-up” Is Basically Him In Real Life

During the press conference for tvN’s “Start-up,” Nam Joo Hyuk talked about his similarities to Nam Do San, his character in the upcoming tvN series, “Start-up.”

He explained, “Do San is not a perfect character. I thought Dosan and I could learn together to fill that void. We are around the same age, so I can feel what he is feeling. I wanted to grow together with Do San.”

The actor then explained that rather than just similarities, his character and his real self are basically the same person. He expounded, “I’m like that, [I’m like Do San]. I didn’t think too much [while portraying the role]. Maybe only at first, [I thought about how I should act]. But [I realized that] it was just me looking at the mirror. Like, how I can’t make eye contact, how I tremble when nervous, he’s just like me. So, I decided to just show myself comfortably.”

Nam Joo Hyuk then added, “I got to think about my past and my future while playing the character. Because I thought he and I were in the same stage in life, so I was able to look into myself.”

Nam Joo Hyuk will star in “Start-up” alongside Suzy Bae, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Hanna. The series is a story about romance, friendship, failure, and success surrounding young people. “Start-up” also tackles growth and learning, and the life of the youth during their doubtful yet equally hopeful years.

“Start-up” premieres on October 17 via tvN and Netflix.

Photos by: Korean Media

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