ACTOR TRIVIA: 8 Things About Hwang In Youp, (From “True Beauty” And “The Sound Of Magic”)

Hwang In Yeop portrayed Han Seo Jun in the Korean drama adaptation of the Webtoon “True Beauty” and Na Il Deung in the Netflix adaptation of “The Sound Of Magic.” If you’re curious about the actor, here are some quick trivia about him.

1.) The actor was born on January 19, 1991. (But he looks so much younger!) He is now in his 30s.

2.) He is starred as Goo Ja Sung in “18 Again.” He plays the Korean version of the bully character in the original American film, “17 Again.”

Still, his character changed for the better, as seen as how he treats Hong Si Ah (played by Roh Jeong Eui) in the later episodes of the series.

3.) Hwang In Yeop’s debut drama was in “Tale Of Nokdu” as a skilled swordsman and an assassin named Park Dan Oh. He also took the role of the right-hand and best friend of the villain, Prince Neungyang (played by Kang Tae Oh).

4.) He was also in the 2018 web drama “WHY,” produced by PLAYLIST.

5.) He is currently signed under KeyEast Entertainment, which houses stars such as “Kingdom” actor Ju Ji Hoon and “The King: Eternal Monarch” actor Woo Do Hwan. His “True Beauty” co-star Moon Ga Young is also under KeyEast.

6.) He is rumored to have already enlisted and completed his mandatory military service. (Which is most likely true based on his current age.) This means fans won’t have to wait for almost 2 years!

7.) He started as a model back in 2017 before finally becoming an actor in 2018-2019. (#RecordOfYouth feels!)

8.) He studied in the Philippines before debuting as an actor!

Who else is excited to see more of Hwang In Yeop on-screen?

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