Here Are The Exact K-Beauty Products Park So Dam Used To Cleanse And Prepare Park Bo Gum’s Skin For Makeup In “Record Of Youth”

Remember the scene when Park So Dam (as Ahn Jeong Ha) and Park Bo Gum (as Sa Hye Jun) first met as a makeup artist and model, respectively?

Ahn Jeong Ha used toner and cream to clean and prepare Sa Hye Jun’s skin for his makeup that day.

The products she used were CLEADERM Dr. Lacto Barrier Toner and Dr. Lacto Barrier Cream.

Dr. Lacto Barrier Toner is a moisture-balancing toner that’s good for dry skin. It also contains Lacto-7 Barrier and Centella Asiatica Extract that helps calm inflammation, soothes sensitive skin, and builds collagen.

While Dr. Lacto Barrier Cream is said to be a “non-comedogenic cream that contains naturally derived oils and ceramide to reinforce the skin’s barrier and increase hydration.”

Both products contain a unique ingredient called ANTIOXELL that “protects the skin from harmful free radicals with its antioxidant properties.” The set is also “dermatologically tested and has a mildly acidic formula to protect and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.”

This is also known as a probiotic skincare and kind of works the same way as Yakult; it’s like applying lactobacillus to your face. Hence, balances the good stuff on your skin. Additionally, the products also act as a protective shield that helps with premature aging, acne, redness, and swelling.

Plus, Park So Dam is actually the brand model for Dr. Lacto!

Dr. Lacto Barrier Toner and Dr. Lacto Barrier Cream are both around 1,500 pesos each, and is available on Shopee.

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