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Still not over with “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”? The hit K-Drama from Netflix has recently concluded their final episode last weekend. And we just can’t get enough of how well the drama has tapped certain sensitive subjects for some plus the mix of mystery in the drama with the main lead’s past, which is our main couple of Ko Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae. Of course the drama was a breath of fresh air, as this is not your typical romance K-Drama as we Moon Sang Tae and witnessed his character growth in each episode and we can’t help but feel proud along with Gang Tae.

And what makes a hit drama more addictive to fans? Is the sound track being played in each memorable scene like Sam Kim’s “Breath” for those scenes with our favorite couple and when Elaine’s “Wake Up” is playing you know, Ko Moon Young is in the scene and is up to something mischievous for that scene. To note a specific iconic scene, is when Ko Moon Young confesses her feelings for the first time in public on episode 4 and Elaine’s “Wake Up” intro starts. This left fans very entertained and a lot of memes were made with that specific scene while just being on its second week of airing.

And what better way to relieve these scenes by having your own copy of the OST Album from the drama. It comes with 2 CDs with artwork for each CD one with the “zombie kid” and the other with “the boy who fed on nightmares”, it comes a booklet, the official poster, a pop up card and a bookmark as well perfect for your books or if you bought the books from drama.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your favorite books from the drama yet, Pop Market has a bundle set for all 5 books from the drama also available for Pre-Order for Php 4,200 for the set. So don’t miss out on joining the Pre-Order Batch for all these at you might also spot Mang Tae and Teary Key Rings or the special Story Illustrator Package to complete your collection.

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