Here’s The Exact Pizza Flavor The Characters Are Often Eating In “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

Jae Su’s pizza place in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” PIZZA ALVOLO, is a real restaurant in Korea. The pizza the characters are often ordering, “Palja Pizza,” is also part of the resto’s promotional event.

Palja (팔자) means both “destiny” and “eight characters.” Ko Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae would often talk about their meeting as “fate” and “destiny” throughout the series; while the Paljza Pizza has eight different toppings in each slice.

What makes the Palja Pizza unique is that instead of putting all the toppings in one slice, each slice gets one specific topping only. 🍕 Some of the toppings are corn, 🌽 pineapple, 🍍 pepperoni, shrimp, 🍤 spicy chicken, 🌶🍗 Jalapeño, squash, and bacon. 🥓

Pizza Alvolo was also featured in “Hotel del Luna.”

Sadly, Pizza Alvolo is currently unavailable in the Philippines. Hoping for a franchise here soon!

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