Introducing ‘It’s Happee Hour!’ Podcast Where K-Culture Fan And Non-Fans Can Share Their Life Experiences

It’s always been the mission of Happee Hour to share happiness and positivity with people all around the world through various online and offline activities. To spread more good vibes, Happee Hour has launched an exciting new platform—It’s Happee Hour!, a podcast where K-Culture fans and non-fans alike can freely share their stories and life experiences. This comes especially during such an unsettling time where a pandemic has left people struggling to cope with plenty of uncertainties.

It’s Happee Hour! aims to provide some comfort to anyone who needs a little push to go on living in the midst of the trials we face each day. It also aims to celebrate life’s triumphs, achievements, and priceless experiences. 

The podcast airs every Monday at 7:00 PM PHT on Spotify, Anchor.FM, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic. For some special episodes, It’s Happee Hour! also goes  live on the Happee Hour YouTube channel every Friday at 8:00 PM PHT and is later uploaded on different podcasts streaming sites. With four episodes already up, the platform has provided a space where people would talk about a wide variety of topics, ranging from anything and everything K-related, to the fans’ happy and sad moments in life. The podcast is hosted by none other than PULP Live World COO Happee Sy-Go, widely and dearly known to fans as the Inang Reyna of the Philippine KPOP scene.

In the premiere episode streamed live last June 12, titled #AskInang LIVE, Happee Sy-Go answered a variety of fan questions—from the ins-and-outs of a KPOP concert production to relatable fangirl moments, and just about everything fans wanted to know. A segment called Dear Inang was also introduced, where fans can share their own stories as Inang gives her insights and advice afterward. The podcast also serves as an outlet for the fans, and a way for them to get up close and personal with Inang Reyna herself.

On her decision to launch the podcast, Happee has this to say: “As a community, we relate to each other on a different level even if we have just met for the first time. So I’m happy to be having this platform where we can share our achievements and the things that bring us happiness and at the same time we can open up about our worries and some concerns especially during this time of the pandemic.” 

She also mentions that she wants this platform to be a safe space where anyone can share their stories without the fear of being judged. As for the podcast’s casual setting, Happee adds: “I hope that I can lessen the burden in your heart that you feel at times and sometimes you just need somebody to talk to or somebody to celebrate with you with your achievements in life and for sure I will be the most excited person when that happens.”

More than entertainment, each episode leaves listeners something to ponder on, whether it’s an important lesson or a piece of advice you can apply to your day-to-day life

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