Is there any difference between the “Korean Yogurt Smoothie” and our Yakult in the Philippines?

Yakult is a popular probiotic milk drink in the Philippines, but it’s not actually limited to the Philippines. The brand originated in Japan, and is pretty much available in many different countries—including Korea.

We’ve seen Yakult in Korean dramas, most notably in “Rooftop Prince” and “Dream High” where it became the male leads’ go-to and favorite drink. Additionally, one of the most notable Yakult cameos is in Netflix’s Original Series, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” where Peter Kavinsky got to try his first “Korean Yogurt Smoothie.”

Korean drama fans might have wondered if the Yakult that their favorite Korean drama stars are drinking is the same as their Pinoy childhood favorite drink, the simple answer? It’s pretty much the same Yakult we’ve loved (and still love) but slightly sweeter and is in entirely different packaging.

So, if you want to combine memories from your childhood, your Korean drama feels, and your love for “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” you can try and buy Korean Yakult in local Korean groceries in the Philippines. I bought the generic brand, Vilac, which is a subsidiary of Korean Yakult.

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