Korean Drama Recommendation: “My Fellow Citizens”

Con artist Yang Jeong Kook (portrayed by Super Junior’s Choi Siwon) learned that he married a violent crime detective, Kim Mi Kyoung (portrayed by Lee Yoo Young), on the day they got married.

Yang Jeong Kook and Kim Mi Young met at a bar by coincidence. The two were heartbroken after a sudden breakup; Jeong Kook’s ex-girlfriend left the country with his money, while Mi Young’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her. After a few drinks, the pair decided to date each other to heal their broken hearts. Their impulsive decision took a serious turn and eventually led to marriage.

Now a married couple, Mi Young still has no idea about Jeong Kook’s real job. While Jeong Kook—who has no prior record of arrest—tries his best to not get caught by his wife.

“My Fellow Citizens” is an entertaining fast-paced comedy-crime series that also tackles political issues. It’s a fun drama with substance. And, although it combines crime and politics in one series, “My Fellow Citizens” has less nerve-wracking scenes and tension but still manages to provide a compelling and interesting storyline.

This series is available on Viu Philippines and Netflix.

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