The Convenience Store in “Backstreet Rookie” Is An Actual Convenience Store in Korea

GS25 convenience stores actually exist in Korea. It’s similar to the convenience store chains in the Philippines such as 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, and Family Mart. Owned by GS Retail, the brand is currently co-producing “Backstreet Rookie,” in hopes to “improve its brand image through natural exposure.”

GS Retail even trained the leads, Ji Chang Wook (who portrays the manager Choi Dae Hyun) and Kim Yoo Jung (who is the store’s part-timer, Jung Saet Byul), on how to operate the stores including hand-on training regarding “product screening, ordering, and customer reception.”

Some of the food choices you can buy at GS25 includes the well-known “Idol’s Favorite Sandwich,” which is made of mayonnaise, egg salad, and a layer of strawberry jam. This kind of sandwich was popularized by SBS’s Inkigayo as the backstage staple snack of k-pop stars such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, Monsta X, and SEVENTEEN, among others.

Additionally, they also sell a ramen brand called GS25’s “Kimchi Jjigae Ramen,” which is said to taste just like Kimchi Stew. And, of course, triangular kimbap, a popular snack in Korea.

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