Jumpstart Your Online Business With Good Info Net

GoodInfoNet—an online platform that focuses on supporting local businesses and provides a space for positivity— is launching in the Philippines.

It has been an eventful 2020 with various events like the COVID-19 pandemic striking the world’s global economies rapidly. We have seen businesses trying their best to cope during these times and what is even more impressive the kind of solidarity and bayanihan that Filipinos have shown towards supporting various non-profit organizations and donation drives that help out displaced workers, the communities in need, and our front liners. With social distancing and community quarantines in place, we have seen a variety of activities that can be done during this time and with the limitations imposed, it’s also amazing to see many of us turning into online selling or getting our entrepreneurial mindset on to make the most of the situation.

With more and more people looking into online selling and small-scale entrepreneurship, not everyone is familiar with how to start or how to make their side hustle their main hustle. There are many guides out there, but some can be very costly. In line with this, there is a newly launched platform that allows new online sellers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to learn more about online selling and effective ways to market their products online. Introducing Good Info Net, an online destination that provides great entrepreneurial resources to help small and local business owners to get started with promoting and marketing their businesses online.

Good Info Net aims to reach out to primarily small business and online entrepreneurs that are looking for tools and resources to help them in their entrepreneurial journey. The platform centers on community and they will able to work and talk with other entrepreneurs and experts who can help them improve their businesses. Good Info Net also highlights its e-commerce platform that supports local and homegrown businesses with free marketing support with no additional costs or transaction fees. That’s definitely good news for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can also launch your business through the platform. Simply just by signing up for an account and adding your products to the platform. Good Info Net allows you to manage orders and lets you track it from the platform itself. The good news is that Good Info Net will also promote and help you drive more sales to your business through its growing community members.

Good Info Net is a platform that promotes local success stories and promotions that can help uplift small entrepreneurs and create a positive community. The platform discourages any negativity and focuses on the success of thriving small and local businesses in the country.

The brand aims to project itself as a social media platform that focuses on the good and supporting community members. If you have a need to refresh yourself with feel-good news and stories in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, Good Info Net is able to provide that platform and community. Through Good Info Net, the local and small Filipino entrepreneur is able to thrive, grow with a community, celebrate, and share the successes of local and small business owners from the Philippines to the world.

Visit and sign up today to join the community of small and local entrepreneurs as well as a community that focuses on positivity. Just log on to https://goodinfonet.com/ or visit their social media channels.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodInfoNet/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodinfonet

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodinfonet/

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