Kim Go Eun and her four Korean drama roles

Kim Go Eun mostly worked in films. But, despite starring in only three Korean dramas, every character the actress portrayed turned out to be iconic and memorable, and all of her Korean dramas even became the talk of the town.

Here’s a list of her Korean drama characters:

1.) “The King: Eternal Monarch” as Jeong Tae Eul
Kim Go Eun portrays Jeong Tae Eul, a tomboyish detective assigned at the violent crimes division in the Republic of Korea. She’s strict and thorough when it comes to her job, but she knows how to unwind when she needs to. Tae Eul is also the daughter of the owner of a Taekwondo gym, and is a black belter. And, even though she doesn’t seem to be a romantic type, she’s actually really straightforward when it comes to expressing her feelings.

2.) “The King: Eternal Monarch” as Luna
Luna is Jeong Tael Eul’s counterpart living in the Kingdom of Corea. Her life is the exact opposite of Tae Eul’s, as she’s a wanted criminal who would do anything for money. Still, despite her tough appearance, Luna does have a soft side — the girl is also longing for warmth and love from a family — and is only doing what she’s doing to survive.

3.) “Goblin” as Ji Eun Tak
Ji Eun Tak lived her whole life knowing that she is the “Goblin’s bride.” After losing her mother, Ji Eun Tak was left to fend for herself at a young age. But, despite her cruel fate, she tries to remain optimistic and is always seen with a wide smile on her face, especially after meeting Kim Shin, the Goblin and her supposed-to-be husband.

4.) “Cheese in the Trap” as Hong Seol
Hong Seol is a university student who is struggling financially. She works part-time to make ends meet. Her regular life, however, becomes complicated when she meets a good-looking and popular senior student who follows her around with unclear intentions.

Which of her characters is your favorite?

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