Anime Recommendation If You’re Still Not Over “The King: Eternal Monarch”: “Ni No Kuni” 2019

If you love the parallel worlds concept from Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s series “The King: Eternal Monarch,” you might want to check out the 2019 film “Ni No Kuni.”

Based on a video game, “Ni No Kuni” is about two friends, Yu and Haru, who can jump between two worlds, as they learn how a change in one world can affect the other. In an effort to save the life of their friend, Kotona, the two tries to save Kotona’s counterpart in the other world, Princess Astrid. “Ni No Kuni” also features how Yu and Haru fell in love with the same soul, Astrid and Kotona, respectively, and how their emotions would affect their decisions throughout the film.

Additionally, Yu is voiced by the king of Japanese live-action adaptations Kento Yamazaki (from “Death Note,” “Your Lie In April,” and “Good Doctor”), while Haru is voiced by Mackenyu Arata (from the “Rurouni Kenshin” films).

“Ni No Kuni” is available on Netflix.

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