I tried the Mediheal mask that Hyunbin’s endorsing; after 3 months without any skincare routine

I haven’t been using any skincare products since early March, mostly since I’m staying at home more often and I don’t really use a lot of skincare products to begin with. I’ve only been washing my face with soap and water—no toners, no serums, no moisturizers.

I, however, still like trying new products. But since my skin can get red and itchy easily, I only use hypoallergenic products or as long as it’s suited for sensitive skin.

I also haven’t been using makeup, so my skin hasn’t been “acting up” or reacting in any way these days. Still, I kind of wanted to try using masks again to combat dry skin due to the ever-changing hot-then-cold weather. So, I’ve decided to try a bunch of Mediheal masks every few weeks. The first one I used was the one “Crash Landing On You” actor Hyunbin is currently endorsing, N.M.F Aquaring Moisturising Ampoule Mask.

What I like about Mediheal’s masks is that it has good adherence and fits perfectly on your skin. My skin is also a bit dry these days, mostly due to the weather and not using moisturizers, so using Mediheal’s N.M.F Aquaring Moisturising Ampoule Mask definitely helped make it look and feel a lot more “moisturized.” I didn’t encounter any problems with the mask, aside from the itchy red patch on my left cheek a few minutes after taking it off, which usually happens when I’m trying out new products or when I’m wearing makeup for too long. But the redness usually subsides without problems the next day. The same thing happened when I tried this the night before, I slept and woke up without problems and it did make my skin look more hydrated for a whole day.

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