Korean Drama Recommendation: “Oh My Ghost”

Shin Soon Ae (portrayed by Kim Seul Gi) is a virgin ghost who couldn’t ascend to the skies due to her “regret” of passing away without knowing what love is. Due to this, Soon Ae “borrows” various women’s bodies to make up for her life’s lack of romance, but ends up not being able to fully “resolve her grudge” as most men would freeze whenever she’s near them… until she meets Chef Kang Sun Woo (portrayed by Jo Jung Suk) of Sun Restaurant, the only person who can seemingly take on her ghost-like energy.

She then decided to seduce Kang Sun Woo using Na Bong Sun’s (portrayed by Park Bo Young) body, Kang Sun Woo’s shy and somewhat taciturn assistant chef who also has a crush on him. The ghost makes a deal with Bong Sun: She will help her build a relationship with Sun Woo as long as the more outgoing Soon Ae gets what she wants from him in return.

But what happens when Sun Woo starts falling for Bong Sun’s dual personality? And what if Soon Ae’s “regret” is actually a more serious matter than what she originally thought? What will she do when she learns of the true reason why she’s still wandering around?

“Oh My Ghost” is a mix of comedy, romance, and a bit of thriller with an unexpected crime-and-mystery-solving set-up. This series is available on Netflix and Viu Philippines.

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