Remember the “Iron Man” mask in “The King: Eternal Monarch”? It’s actually a hi-tech beauty mask for all your skin troubles!

We’ve seen Lee Min Ho (as Lee Gon) use it and lend it to Kim Go Eun (as Jeong Tae Eul) to conceal her identity, Jung Eun Chae (as Prime Minister Koo) tried to have a well-deserved beauty rest while using the product, and Woo Do Hwan (as Jung Eun Seop) even provided comic relief when he tried it on and pretended to be Iron Man.

But what is this mask for, really?

The product is actually a Homecare LED Beauty Device for your skin troubles from the brand CELLRETURN, and is officially endorsed by top stars Lee Min Ho and Park Seo Joon.

How does it work? CELLRETURN Platinum emits various lights including red light, blue light, and pink light. Red light helps with whitening, stimulating collagen, and get rid of blemishes to keep your skin firm and bright. Blue light is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it helps with acne treatment. Pink light reduces scarring and keeps your skin in check.

The price, however, is really “fit for a king,” as the mask is worth 2,100 USD (which is around 105,000 pesos).

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