“Sweet Munchies,” a food-themed drama with an atypical romance, premiere on Viu Philippines

“Sweet Munchies,” a food-themed healing drama, features an atypical love triangle between Jung Il Woo (“49 Days,” “Haechi”) as Park Jin Sung, Kang Jiyoung (former KARA member) as Kim Ah Jin, and Lee Hak Joo (“A World of Married Couple”) as Kang Tae Wan.

Park Jin Sung runs ‘Bistro,’ a hole-in-the-wall late-night bar that serves delicious food, great drinks, and good company. One of his regulars, Kim Ah Jin, is a PD who always stays positive despite the struggles she encounters at work as a contractual assistant director for the past 4 years.

Ah Jin finally gets a break when she proposes a new food variety show called “Sweet Munchies” that merits her boss’ approval. Desperately in need of money, Jin Sung becomes the host of the program. Meanwhile, famous fashion designer Kang Tae Wan is enlisted as the show’s stylist.

The healing chef, the enthusiastic PD, and the genius stylist form this show’s love triangle — just not quite the way you’d expect from your usual fare of Korean dramas.

“Sweet Munchies” takes a risk by putting a new twist in gender bender Korean dramas (such as “Coffee Prince,” “He’s Beautiful,” and “The Tale of Nokdu”) where a lead character pretends to be another gender. Here, we have Chef Park pretending to be gay.

Jin Sung’s lie puts a wedge between any romantic relationship budding between him and Ah Jin. To further complicate matters, it draws Tae Wan in and he develops an attraction to the chef.

Gender bias on homosexuals is continuously being explored and challenged. Conversations around it are respectful and insightful. It is a well-timed drama to watch this Pride Month as it opens up conversations on the topic among viewers as well.

You can watch “Sweet Munchies” via Viu Philippines: https://ViuPH.link/SweetMunchies

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