Korean Drama Review: “365: Repeat The Year”

If you could travel back in time, what would you do and what would you change?

In “365: Repeat The Year,” ten people living with regrets and hoping for a second chance in life were given the opportunity to reset their time and repeat the past year — starting January 11, 2019, to be exact. However, their plan to live their most perfect year yet takes a tragic turn when their fellow “resetters” start losing their lives one by one.

Following the unofficial investigations of detective Ji Hyung Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) and mystery manhwa artist Shin Ga Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun), the two team up to uncover the truth behind their comrades’ sudden deaths — whether they’re all coincidental or if someone is specifically targeting them.

“365: Repeat The Year” is full of plot twists, and can be unpredictable if you miss crucial clues and key points. It’s almost like being inside a video game — filled with lies, manipulation, and betrayal — where non-playing characters become crucial players, and where you’ll second-guess your own teammates as you dig up more evidence. The drama is a lot like letting you solve and complete a series of missions until you find out who the big boss is.

Based on the Japanese novel “Repeat” by Kurumi Inui, “365: Repeat The Year” feels a lot like a live-action adaptation of a crime-thriller anime; the series is something fans of animated shows “Erased” and “Another” would want to consider, as the viewers also get to play detective with the two main leads.

And, although there’s not much romance due to its somewhat dark theme, the chemistry between Hyun Joo and Ga Hyun as partners and potential lovers is still pretty evident. This just shows that you don’t need actual romantic scenes to showcase chemistry. It’s their faith in one another in the later episodes that make their relationship look intimate. The two developed so much trust in each other after much trial-and-error, even when they themselves start doubting their own decisions.

All in all, the drama circles around the question: “Can someone’s determined fate be altered?”, and whether an alternated destiny is better than your current one.

How about you?
Would you repeat the year 2019?

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