Korean Drama Recommendation: “The Beauty Inside”

Top actress Han Se Gye is (Seo Hyun Jin) known for suddenly disappearing at a certain time each month — leaving her commitments, canceling schedules, and whatnots. While some may call her a troublemaker, or just someone who doesn’t care about what people think of her, Han Se Gye actually has a bigger reason and an even bigger secret regarding her sudden disappearances; the actress’ overall appearance changes into a different person each time each month.

Meanwhile, Airline Company Director Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki) is suffering from a completely different problem, the chaebol has face blindness, (also known as prosopagnosia). But, although he’s unable to recognize people by their physical appearance, Seo Do Jae memorizes the habits and mannerisms of everyone he meets to tell them apart.

When the two were introduced as the brand’s endorser and the company’s representative, Seo Do Jae instantly memorizes Han Se Gye’s body language to make sure that he’s always talking to the right person. As time passes, Seo Do Jae begins to question why he feels like he’s seeing the actress at random places even if the person he’s looking at is of a different appearance, and sometimes a different gender, race, and age.

What will happen if he finds out about her condition, while she learns about his illness? Will they be able to keep their secrets a secret?

The series also stars Lee Da Hee as Kang Sara, Seo Do Jae’s high-maintenance stepsister who fell in love with a man who wants to be a priest, Ryu Eun Ho (portrayed by Ahn Jae Hyun).

“The Beauty Inside” is a mix of comedy, romance, and a bit of fantasy; and emphasizes the importance of loving a person’s inner beauty over anything else.

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