4 series starring rising star Kim Dong Hee

At 20 years old, rising star Kim Dong Hee starred in one hit web drama (“A-TEEN), two top-rated Korean dramas (JTBC’s “Sky Castle” and “Itaewon Class”), and, most recently, as the lead star in a Netflix Original Series (“Extracurricular”) — all this despite only starting his professional acting career in 2018.

The actor often plays a student with a calm demeanor, but the characters’ different backgrounds and living situations make his portrayals unique from one another; his wide range of emotional expressions even while maintaining his characters’ signature composure showcased Kim Dong Hee’s versatility as a rookie actor.

Here are all the series he starred in.

1.) Ha Min in Playlist’s “A-TEEN”
Kim Dong Hee portrayed a flirty teenage student, Ha Min, in the web drama “A-TEEN.” He’s introduced as a guy who’s good with words, and is also suspected to be the person who confessed to his classmate, Hana, online. However, it wasn’t clear, at first, if the confession is for the smart and almost perfect Hana, or the more carefree yet can sometimes be shy Hana.

The series also follows the story of five other students, and how they deal with young love and puberty.

2.) Cha Seo Joon in JTBC’s “Sky Castle”
Forced to compete with the other neighborhood kids, the kind Cha Seo Joon and his twin, the mischievous Cha Ki Joon (Jo Byung Gyu), are under strict monitoring and tutoring from their father who is pushing his personal dreams on his sons.

“Sky Castle” mainly follows the story of parents whose desire to get their children accepted in Korea’s top universities led to despair and destroyed lives.

3.) Jang Geun Soo in JTBC’s “Itaewon Class”
Although born with a silver spoon, Jang Geun Soo — the second heir of the prestigious food company, the Jangga Group — decided to have a completely different life from his family. He lived on his own and earned money by taking part-time jobs. He eventually gets hired at a small pub called DanBam, a place his father wants to abolish. But fate insists on keeping him connected to his own blood and flesh, Jang Geun Soo choosing between DanBam and his father’s company.

“Itaewon Class” also stars Park Seo Joon, Kim Dami, Kwon Nara, and Yoo Jae Myung. It’s a jam-packed series that also tackles gender equality, LGBT rights, class discrimination, and mental health, among others.

4.) Jisoo in Netflix’s “Extracurricular”
Left to fend for his own, a socially awkward teenager named Jisoo thought of a way to survive and also pay for his school fees. However, his idea wasn’t of legal means, as the highschooler runs a “security insurance service” for a prostitution ring.
This is Kim Dong Hee’s “darkest” role yet;  not a lot of Korean drama actors his age get to portray a controversial role.
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