EXO’s Suho wants to start performing in rock festivals

Suho recently debuted with his first solo album, “Self-Portrait.” In an episode of You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the singer-actor performed one of the tracks from his album titled “Let’s Love.” He also talked about preparing for his first solo mini album for a year. He explained, “I wanted to make an album with my own story, and [be able to say] things I want to tell. So, I worked on it for a year.”

His new songs also feature a “band sound,” and Suho admitted that he wanted to incorporate this genre in his music, stating how much he enjoyed band music from well-known artists such as NELL, Queen, Coldplay, and The Black Skirts.

He also explained that even though these bands “rarely talk during the show” with “no special events,” the audience still goes “crazy” during their shows. And that’s when he realized that “this is the power of band sound.” This urged him to decide to one day perform in concerts and rock festivals.
Towards the end of the interview, Suho also showed his love for his EXO members. He said, “I’m happy that I made my debut as [a member of] EXO. And I’m happy that I met EXO.” And added, “I’m not special, but I’m a man with a special job. I just want to be an artist who will sing and act with sincerity.”
Before concluding his guesting, Suho also performed a snippet of “Open Your Eyes,” from his musical “The Man Who Laughs.” He, however, changed the lines to pay tribute to his fans. Suho narrated, “Do you know who healed me and let me live? It was EXO-L.”
You can watch the full episode via Viu Philippines.
Photos credits: Allure Magazine

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