7 “Genius” Characters Portrayed by Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong-suk is celebrating his 10th year anniversary since his small-screen debut today. đŸŽ‰ The actor has been known for portraying the mysterious yet charming lead, who turns out to be a genius with a dark past. And although his characters are mostly gifted, it’s his hidden compassionate side and chemistry with his leading ladies that got us hooked in watching his dramas. â¤

Here are seven characters that embody Lee Jong-suk’s three-dimensional characters through the years:

1.) Park Soo-ha in “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Elementary student Soo-ha witnessed his father’s murder and almost got killed at the scene, but was saved by a high school girl named Hye-sung when the latter accidentally interrupted the criminal’s killing spree. Hye-sung eventually testified for Soo-ha, and got the culprit locked in jail. Ten years later, the teenager became a lawyer. She would then meet the now 19-year-old Soo-ha, who may not be a genius “genius” but has gained a supernatural ability – he can read minds, and would even later help Hye-sung solve cases.

2.) Kang Chul in “W Two Worlds”

Kang Chul is a former Olympic gold medalist, who was later suspected to be the killer behind his family’s murder. But even though he was proven innocent, he felt that his life was no longer worth living due to all the tragedies he had to face alone. One day, Kang Chul decided to end his pain as he tries to jump at the Han River Bridge. But some sort of “will” helped him hang on at the bridge’s edge, leading to a failed suicide attempt. A few years since the incident, his life then started to turn around when he founded “W,” a broadcasting channel. He would later use the program to search for criminals that even the police could not find before, in an attempt to uncover his own family’s murderer. But what if he learns about an even bigger secret: that he’s only a fictional cartoon character and the “killer” he’s looking for might not be inside the comic book world.

3.) Park Hoon in “Doctor Stranger”

Park Hoon and his father were sent to North Korea to conduct a risky medical mission, but eventually could not return back to the South even after successfully completing their task. The two then stayed in the country and lived as North Koreans. Park Hoon then eventually studied medicine in Pyongyang and became an exceptional doctor just like his father. After his father’s untimely death, Park Hoon escaped and returned back to South Korea, where he became one of the top doctors at Myungwoo University Hospital.

4.) Jung Jae Chan in “While You Were Sleeping”

Jae Chan might not be portrayed as beyond brilliant as Lee Jong Suk’s other characters, but Jae Chan still passed the bar exam and eventually landed a job as a prosecutor. He also developed an ability to see the future through his dreams.

5.) Choi Dal-po/Ki Ha-myung in “Pinocchio”

Ki Ha-myung’s father was framed for a crime he did not commit, all because of how national TV falsely angled his story. Unable to live with the pain and humiliation, his mom decided to end their lives, but Ha-myung was saved by a man who would later become his second father. The smart Ha-myung lived as the simple-minded Dal-po, his new dad’s late son, together with his now “niece” In-ha. The problem is, In-ha wants to become a reporter. Dal-po, who always hated media practitioners, was against the idea, but eventually decided to also work for the press in an effort to clear his real father’s name.

6.) Cha Eun Ho in “Romance is a Bonus Book”

Cha Eun Ho’s life seems to be as perfect as he is. He’s a talented writer, and is the youngest chief editor in the company he’s working for. He’s also good-looking, charismatic, and has a likable personality. But, unknown to people, Eun Ho is actually suffering from unrequited love. What will happen if his first love becomes his subordinate, and eventually learns about her divorce?

7.) Kim Woo Jin in “Hymm of Death”

In the drama, Lee Jong Suk portrays a gifted playwright named Kim Woo Jin. “Hymn of Death” only has six episodes, fewer than the standard Korean drama.

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This is an updated post. Original post is from June 2017.


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