4 Female Korean Drama Characters That Gave Us Second Lead Syndrome

Unlike their male counterparts, female second leads syndrome is quite rare in Korean dramaland. But when it does happen, their characters earn both love and different viewpoints. Fans just can’t help but discuss these women’s relationship with the male lead.

Here are some of the most discussed female characters that qualify for the second lead syndrome.

ITAEWON CLASS – Oh Soo Ah and Park Saeroyi

Oh Soo Ah and Park Saeroyi look so good together during the first few episodes. They also started with a lot of history as the foundation of their relationship. She was his first love, and Soo Ah cared a lot for Saeroyi and his father. Fans of the drama might have mixed opinions about her. *spoiler warning* But it’s hard not to love her character after seeing what she did and what she had to sacrifice to eventually give Saeroyi and his dad the justice they deserve.

DOCTOR STRANGER – Oh Soo Hyun and Park Hoon

These two might just be close friends with their own respective partners at the end of the drama, but their chemistry is just so undeniable. Park Hoon and Soo Hyun have a good number of sweet scenes and they’re often there for each other during their tough days. Their friendship is beautiful, but it’s hard not to think of what would have possibly happened if they became a couple instead.

OH MY GHOST – Shin Soon Ae and Kang Sun Woo


The ghost, Shin Soon Ae, and the leading lady, Na Bong Sun, are sharing one body. We all know that, in a way, Sun Woo did somehow fall for both of them, thinking that it was Bong Sun’s “two personalities.”

SKY CASTLE – Kim Hyena and Hwang Woo Joo


Woo Joo fell in love with Hyena, but although it was pretty obvious that Hyena did have a crush on him, too, it was hard for her to completely open her heart for Woo Joo. She’s going through a lot, her family’s relationship is complicated and she’s financially struggling. She also recently found out that she could have had the luxurious life of her rival, if only her father married her late mother. And, although they did have some cute scenes together, their relationship quickly turned tragic when *spoiler warning* Hyena passed away. And Woo Joo was framed, jailed, and became the prime suspect of her murder.

BONUS: CHEESE IN THE TRAP – Baek In Ha and Yoo Jung


The second male lead syndrome for this series overpowers her relationship with the male lead, and not everyone will agree that Baek In Ha gives off a second lead syndrome vibe. But this girl was just a victim of a sad past. She cared for Yoo Jung with all her heart, we, at least, have to applaud her love and loyalty for him.

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