KPOP: 4 NCT Dream Music Videos Throughout The Years


NCT Dream grew up right before our eyes. Here are 4 music videos showcasing the group’s growth as an artist throughout the years.

1.) CHEWING GUM (2016)

Debuting as NCT’s bright, colorful, and youthful unit; “Chewing Gum” captures the essence of NCT Dream’s initial cute concept. In the music video, the boys are seen donning boy-shorts and suspenders in a mix of pastels and solid colors. Still, although their look screams child-like and bubbly, their talent in singing, dancing, and rapping still shines through their bubblegum pop debut song; as the track perfectly showcased their young age without compromising their talents.


2.) WE YOUNG (2017)

Their 2017 song still shows off their boyish charms, combined with a more refreshing and tropical tune. Their wardrobe also gets a bit of tweak, as the boys started to wear clothing that’s still colorful but with more darker shades of blue than the ones from their first music video.Their look is also a combination of an elegant “young master,” a sailor, and those cute cartoon boy scouts that rings on your doorbells to sell cookies.

And, just like “Chewing Gum,” NCT Dream’s undeniable talent is seen throughout the whole music video.


3.) WE GO UP (2018)

Despite sporting the same school boy look from the past two years, it’s evident that the boys are slowly shedding their cute image in “We Go Up.” As the members reach their late teenage years, their music and wardrobe are now leaning towards a slightly darker theme with a bit of a rebellious touch, all while still keeping their youthful aura in tact.


4.) BOOM (2019)

Their latest Korean music video, released last July 2019, showcased an edgier side of the boys with a style that’s rugged yet elegant. Graduating from their schoolboy look, we now get to see the boys wearing suits and leather jackets. “BOOM” is also a confirmation that the members are slowly nearing their 20’s as they sing, “The dancing child with an innocent face now smiles and sets this track on fire.”


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