Nam Joo Hyuk promises to visit Manila again!


Model-actor Nam Joo Hyuk visited Manila for his first ever fan meeting last night, September 23, at the KIA Theatre.

Fans were able to personally get to know the YG Entertainment star via an interview with host and translator Sam Oh. He also talked about his characters in his recent dramas, mainly ‘Bride of the Water God,’ ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,’ and ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.’ He also revealed that among the three roles, he can definitely relate to Jung Joon Hyung’s playful nature the most. “[I’m] 98% Jung Joon Hyung,” he said as translated by Sam Oh.

The actor also had a cooking segment, where he had to complete certain challenges: if he wins he’ll get good ingredients for his kimbap, if he doesn’t he’ll be putting his least favorite food (such as wasabi, carrots, cucumber, and something spicy) in it. He fortunately won two rounds, but lost during the wasabi round. The mischievous actor ended up giving his manager (who recently celebrated his birthday) the wasabi flavored kimbap that he made, jokingly stating that it’s his gift for him.

Fans were also able to ask questions via sticky notes to which the actor answered a few live. Others were lucky enough to get signed merchandise from him. While a chosen bunch must have did something really good in their past lives as they were able to reenact a scene in ‘Bride of the Water God’ with Joo Hyuk as Habaek, and four lucky fans taking turns to portray So-ah. 🌹

During the event, Joo Hyuk also performed ballads, and even a quick snippet of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” his favorite song, as requested by fans. But since he wasn’t prepared, he promised the fans that he will once again visit the Philippines, and sing “Yellow” properly for them. (Yes, he said that he plans to return to Manila!)

Another memorable moment, however, was the sweet surprise made possible by his Filipino fans: An AVP tackling the actor’s career played on-screen, with a message saying that his fans will always and forever be by his side. Joo Hyuk eventually shed tears while watching, the audience cried with him.

Nam Joo Hyuk is actually part of the top four actors who I really want to see in person, especially since I started to like him when he was still that guy in AKMU’s music video, and I’m sincerely proud of him for making it this far. He is such an inspiration.

Watching him live confirmed that his personality is really is a bit playful, but also very casual and “chill.” A bit like a high schooler with above average looks. He also seems sweet and considerate, despite being a bit “makulit” to his manager. (He may have fed him wasabi, but Joo Hyuk still rushed to get water for him when he saw his manager suffering. ㅋㅋㅋ~) He is also extremely nice to his fans, and his final heartfelt message is also very heartwarming.

He narrated, “Hello everyone. This is Nam Joo Hyuk. I prepared this letter because there is something that I want to tell you. Nowadays I feel that there are many people who loves me. Especially when I meet you in person I feel it even bigger.

“Everyone thinks that I grew up happy but I grew up lonely and quiet hard. I worried about my life even though I am still young. Until now I still think, no matter how hard and tiring, this time is just a moment, and if you reach the end without giving up, you will see hope. I am always trying my best to be a happy person. And I become a bit greedy, I wish all of you who are in front of me, everybody will be very happy.

“Thank you again for warmly welcoming and loving such a [imperfect] person like me. I love you. Salamat po. Mahal ko kayo. Mahal ko kayo.”

With all that said, I can now say that I “like” the right person. 💕 Do come back, Joo Hyuk-씨!

by Gia Allana / Photo taken using Iphone 6s

Nam Joo Hyuk Private Stage [CLOSE-UP] in Manila
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