Korean Drama Review: “The World of the Married,” a hit among Korean and Filipino viewers

The Philippines is known for producing various kabit-seryes, from GMA Network’s “Ika-6 Na Utos” to ABS-CBN’s “Halik,” these top-rated teleseryes all feature the scorned wife, the cheating husband, and the egoistical mistress. South Korea has also been airing series about affairs long before — with titles such as “A Rosy Life,” “Temptation of Wife,” “Temptation of an Angel,” and “Secret Affair,” among many others. Thus, both countries are no beginners when it comes to the genre of the trending Korean drama “The World of the Married.” But what makes it different enough for viewers — both the recently introduced fans and the expert titas when it comes to this type of story — to excitedly wait for every episode to air?

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