7 “Genius” Characters Portrayed by Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong-suk is celebrating his 10th year anniversary since his small-screen debut today. 🎉 The actor has been known for portraying the mysterious yet charming lead, who turns out to be a genius with a dark past. And although his characters are mostly gifted, it’s his hidden compassionate side and chemistry with his leading ladies that got us hooked in watching his dramas. 

Here are seven characters that embody Lee Jong-suk’s three-dimensional characters through the years:

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“Kingdom” actor Ju Ji Hoon and his various Korean drama roles

Netflix’s “Kingdom” season one and two lead actor Ju Ji Hoon played a variety of Korean drama roles throughout his acting career. We’ve watched him portray an heir or a the talented son of a high-ranking official, with or without a past to avenge. We’ve also seen him wear different uniforms — in a crown prince’s robe, a doctor’s lab coat, and a lawyer’s suit, which (by the way) all look good on him.

Here’s a complete list of his Korean drama characters.

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10 Korean dramas featuring “Crash Landing on You” star Hyunbin

Hyunbin has been generating a lot of buzz lately due to his role in “Crash Landing on You.” In the drama, Hyunbin portrayed Ri Jeong Hyuk, a North Korean captain who fell in love with a South Korean heiress named Yoon Seri (played by Son Ye Jin). Their relationship bloomed while he was taking care of her after she accidentally crash-landed from North Korea to South Korea.


But even before “Crash Landing on You,” Korean star Hyunbin was already a part of various hit series throughout his career as an actor. Here are all of Hyunbin’s Korean dramas you can watch, especially if you’re still not over #CLOY.

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