QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Doom At Your Service” Episode 16 ― A Wish Come True

*major spoilers warning*

Here’s a sneak peak on what happened in the final episode of “Doom At Your Service.” Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang met again. Myul Mang returns to Dong Kyung as a human being; he now goes by the name Kim Saram and is working as a doctor. The people around Dong Kyung, particularly her brother and Park Young, also remembers him in his original human form. Park Young and Myul Mang also had a small jealously banter, as it was revealed that the writer actually likes Dong Kyung. On the other hand, Joo Ik is still trying to recruit Jina as one of his writers, but is also eager to make her his girlfriend.

The series ends with Myul Mang, now Kim Saram, and Tak Dong Kyung making a secret wish and talking about marriage.

You can watch “Doom At Your Service” episode 16 on Viu Philippines.

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