Korean Film Recommendation: “Sunny”

Back in the 1980s, awkward transfer student Im Nami (Shim Eun Kyung) became friends with a group called “Sunny;” consisting of gutsy leader Ha Chun Hwa (Kang Sora), foul-mouthed Hwang Jin Hee (Park Jin Joo), hotheaded bookworm Seo Geum Ok (Nam Bora), aspiring Miss Korea candidate Ryu Bok Hee (Kim Bomi), the vain Kim Jang Mi (Kim Min Young), and the school’s goddess Jung Suji (Min Hyo Rin.)

Fast forward to 2011, the girls are no longer who they used to be. After finding out about Chun Hwa’s illness, a rather successful Nami tries to gather all of the members of Sunny together for a quick get-together before Chun Hwa’s condition worsens. While trying to contact her old friends, Nami finds out about the girls’ personal struggles and how much life has changed for them after 25 years: Jin Hee is now ladylike with an adulterer for a husband, Geum Ok is unemployed, Bok Hee is mentally unstable and has had to give up on her dreams, Jang Mi is wasting her days away in a job she hates, and Suji has been hiding after an accident ruined her perfectly pretty face.

Will the girls still be able to reunite and smile like the old days?

The blockbuster coming-of-age film, which originally premiered in 2011, was the second highest-grossing film that year. The drama focuses on a friendship that’s been lost and found once again. It’s a heartwarming film, and is something fans of the “Reply” series would love due to its nostalgic elements.

Additionally, unlike the movie, the younger cast members of the movie are living fairly fruitful lives this 2020. Shim Eun Kyung starred in another hit film, “Miss Granny.” Kang Sora is known for her Korean dramas “Doctor Stranger,” “Dream High 2,” “Warm and Cozy,” and “Revolutionary Love,” among others. Park Jin Joo also has her fair share of Korean drama appearances, most notably in “Her Private Life” and in the currently airing series “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay;” she also had a cameo appearance as Jin Hee in another on-going drama, “Backstreet Rookie.” Nam Bora portrayed a princess in “Moon Embracing The Sun.” Kim Min Young appeared in “Goblin” and “Who Are You: School 2015.” Kim Bomi’s latest drama project was in “Angel Last Mission: Love.” While Min Hyo Rin is happily married to BIG BANG’s Taeyang.


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