5 times Yook Sung Jae could pass off as a “Korean with a Pinoy Heart”


The idea of how Koreans who somehow lived in the Philippines are also Pinoys at heart was one of the topics during the press conference for VIU Philippines’s online reality show, “Hello K-Idol.”

Here are five reasons why we think BTOB member and “Goblin” actor Yook Sung Jae displayed characteristics of a “Korean with a Pinoy heart” during his visit for Hello K-Idol’s media launch and his fan meeting titled “YOOK SUNG JAE Paradise in Manila.”

1.) When he demonstrated his superb Tagalog skills

Sung Jae shocked the crowd at how well he can speak in Tagalog during his fan meeting. He welcomed the audience, “Salamat sa pagpunta niyo kahit ang lakas ng ulan sa labas.” And then added, “Ako po si Sung Jae. Sama-sama tayo palagi. Mahal ko kayo.” He even knows words such as “dali” and “guwapo!”

[WATCH SUNG JAE SPEAKING IN TAGALOG HERE: https://www.facebook.com/GiaAllana/videos/1493055320801054

Sung Jae then explained why he learned the language, “I decided to learn Tagalog for you, my Filipino fans.” The sweetest, however, is how often he tried to converse in English during the event, showcasing how much he wants to communicate and connect with the crowd.

2.) When he revealed that he studied in Philippines

Sung Jae spent a part of his younger years in Cebu to study English. Which is why, aside from Tagalog, Sung Jae also knows how to speak a little bit of Bisaya. He proudly shouted during #ParadiseInManila, “Magkita ta ugma,” which is directly translated as “see you tomorrow.”


3.) When he sang the one of the most well-loved Korean drama OSTs in the Philippines

During the event, Sung Jae sang a version of “Beautiful” by Crush, as heard in the popular Korean drama “Goblin.” The singer-actor portrayed rich heir Yoo Deok Hwa in the said show. (You can now watch “Goblin” in VIU: https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/34034/Goblin-TL-EN-Sub)

4.) When he declared his love for locally grown atis

Sung Jae’s “super favorite” fruit is none other than atis, also known as sugar apple. He also loves “rice wrapped in banana leaves,” a staple food in the Philippines.


5.) When he said that firmly believes that Filipinos can also debut as k-pop stars

In an interview during the press conference for #HelloK_Idol, Jung Joon Young and Yook Sung Jae were asked if they think Filipinos also have a chance to debut as k-pop stars. Joon Young answered through a translator, “I think it’s possible as there are a lot of foreign artists in Korea and I think a lot of people from Asia [are also debuting in Korea.] There’s no problem with Filipinos working as Korean artists.” Sung Jae’s translator added, “I [Yook Sung Jae] also think the same way.  Because a lot of Filipinos are really good at singing and dancing.”

Yook Sung Jae and Jung Joon Young “will serve as inspirations” for Viu’s upcoming original reality show, Hello K-Idol. The online show features ten male hopefuls who will undergo a 10-week challenge to determine who will win a “four-month all-expense paid scholarship to learn K-pop vocal and dance at a prestigious entertainment talent school in Korea.”

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