5 times Jung Hae In made us “Smile” during his fan meeting in Manila

‘While You Were Sleeping’ and ‘Something In The Rain’ actor Jung Hae In recently visited the Philippines for his “Smile” Fan Meeting in Manila, held at the KIA Theatre last weekend, June 30. Here are five times Jung Hae In made us “smile” during the event:

• He’s a total gentleman
He never hesitates to give a smile or a heart sign to the audience. He’s also sweet enough to let his fans hug him on stage. Once, he gave away a pair of glasses and even readily helped the winner put it on in a very #BoyfriendMaterial kind of way.

[WATCH: Jung Hae In hugs his fans]

• His singing voice
Jung Hae In revealed that he definitely loves singing more than dancing during one of the show’s segments. And he proved that night that music does love him back by serenading his fans with two ballads during the show.

[WATCH: Jung Hae In’s singing voice]

• Jung Hae In’s super adorable childhood photos
We can’t get enough of the actor’s pictures when he was younger after it was shown on-screen. In an interview, he even admitted that he was a bit mischievous as a kid.
• When fans got to know more about him
That night we learned that Jung Hae In’s current favorite Pinoy dish is adobo, and that he likes to drink beer with friends to de-stress. He also revealed that he would fall for a girl who loves her self and has a beautiful smile, and that it is possible for him to fall in love with a fan.

[WATCH: Jung Hae In talks about the Philippine]

[WATCH: Jung Hae In’s ideal girl and ideal date]

• The possibility of Jung Hae In coming back to the Philippines with his “pretty noona” Son Ye Jin
When asked whether it’s possible for him to go back with his “Something In The Rain” co-star, Son Ye Jin, he replied that “he’s gonna ask Ye Jin when he goes back to Korea.” And added that “if it’s possible [to come back to Manila with her,] of course, why not, he would like to meet all of you guys again with her.”
We’re holding on to your words, Hae In, and we hope to see you soon!
#SarangHaeInManila is presented by CDM Entertainment
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For more photos click: HERE

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