Nichkhun and Alexander Lee talk about the weather, the food, the language, the traffic, and the places they want to visit in the Philippines


In an intimate interview with selected media outlets, 2PM’s Nichkhun and former U-KISS member Alexander Lee (also known as Xander) talked about their recent visit in the Philippines. The two are back in Manila for tvN Asia‘s “One Night Food Trip – International Edition Season 2 in the Philippines.” Nichkhun last went to the country back in 2013 for 2PM’s Manila concert, while Xander was here recently for his drama, “My Korean Jagiya.”


As summer is about the end, the boys experienced the Philippines’s rather moody weather during their stay. Nichkhun commented, “The climate, I think it’s rainy season, right? But luckily, when we would film, it would stop raining. But when we were done filming, it will start raining. It was really weird.”

As Xander worked with Filipinos for his GMA teleserye, the multilingual singer-actor already knows a lot of Tagalog words. He even expressed his willingness to learn more about the language. He said, “I would like to learn a little bit, like short phrases.”

Xander also teased his co-star with his knowledge in Tagalog by asking Nichkhun to say the word “gwapo,” only to respond with “salamat” right after. Later on, Nichkhun enumerated the words he learned such as “sarap,” “mahal kita,” and “salamat po.”


Nichkhun was also asked if he would be starring in a Filipino production real soon, just like Xander. He answered “I want to meet all the fans in every country. If I could [be part of the cast in a Pinoy drama,] I’d love to.” Xander assured him, “It would be so much fun.”

Nichkhun’s current favorite Pinoy dish is sisig. But balot definitely left an impression on the Thai-American k-pop star. He recalled, “[When I think about the Philippines, I instantly remember] balot. [When we first got here, I asked:] “Are we gonna eat balot this time?”” He then described his first balot experience, “[I ate a] really mature one with fur and bones. It tasted good, as long as I didn’t look at it.”

Also during filming, Nichkhun was said to have experimented on a Pinoy viand by “dipping fish to chocolate sauce,” which reminded Xander of a “really good chocolate porridge, [called] champorado.”


The boys were able to go around Cebu and Manila. But would love to someday visit Coron, Palawan. The place where their female co-stars Ciara Sotto and Danica Sotto-Pingris filmed their segment.

Nichkhun explained, “[We want to go there] because we went to Cebu.” He then added, “[Plus] we were stuck in traffic for five hours, [while the girls] were swimming [in Coron.]” The two visited Pampanga, and only got back to their place after being on the road for five hours.

As part of the variety show, “One Night Food Trip – International Edition Season 2,” the stars prepared their stomachs to eat as much Filipino food as they can for the show. Nichkhun even said that he needed to exercise by “stretching” his stomach just so he can eat a lot. Further saying that his favorite part of the show is, of course, “eating different food.”

As for Xander, the whole shoot was a “reflection trip” for the now turning 30-year-old star. Nichkhun, on the other hand, just turned 30 years old today, June 24. (Happy birthday!)


Towards the end, the boys also gave heartwarming messages to their fans. Nichkhun started, “I just wanna say, it’s been so long. I think it’s been five years now since our last concert. And I miss you guys, and sorry I didn’t get to come here earlier to meet you guys. But I’m happy I’m back. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you a lot more in the future. Take care, be happy, and [be] healthy.” Xander then added, “Thank you everybody for supporting [me] through the ups and downs.” He concluded the interview by telling his Pinoy fans to “look forward” to his future projects.

“One Night Food Trip – International Edition Season 2 in the Philippines” will premiere on July 30, 6:30PM, on tvN Asia.

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