BIGBANG member Seungri parties in Manila, two days before YG announced his YGX CEO status


Yang Hyun Suk made it Instagram official this June 4 that BIGBANG’s maknae, Lee Seungri, is now the CEO of the YG Entertainment subsidiary, YGX. Two days before the announcement, the singer-entrepreneur performed in front of his Filipino fans first at Cove Manila held last June 2.


In Manila, Seungri performed BIGBANG hits such as ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘FXXK IT.’ He also danced along his hyung’s songs; mainly Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ and ‘Good Boy,’ plus GDRAGON’s song ‘Crooked.’ Seungri even did his own rendition of IKON’s track ‘Love Scenario,’ together with his NHR DJs, Glory and TPA. 


NHR, also known as Natural High Records, is Seungri’s own DJ label and is now even merged with YGX. As CEO, Seungri will be in charge of both YGX Entertainment, which is described as the “home of the future stars,” and the YGX Academy.

Congrats, CEO Seungri!


Write-up and photos by: Gia Allana

Click for more photos: [1] [2]

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